Erosion 1  Erosion 2 [1,2] Erosion is the process by which material on the earth’s surface is gradually worn away by the effects of wind, water, and glaciers [a].  The eroded material is often transported away from the erosion sight. Erosion can pose major problems to structures built on hill sides [b], in coastal areas, and near water ways [c].  As the soil on which a foundation is built is eroded away an increased amount of stress is placed on certain parts of the foundation, resulting in cracking and occasionally catastrophic failure. The sand under this beachfront home’s foundation in Delaware (Image 1) was eroded away during a major storm in 1962, causing the foundation to fail [d].  Buildings built in areas particularly vulnerable to erosion are often built on deep peer foundations thereby resting the weight of the structure on rock or soil deep within the earth as opposed to its easily erodible surface [c].